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I am intending to as well, but it seems not to have arrived in US yet. Will wait a couple of days or follow your example and order it from the cymatic web.
Eager to get my fingers on to that thing! 🙂
Especially interested to see how it measures up to uTRack24. If I read the descriptions right, it seems to me that the 32 has to trade off quite a few features compared to 24. I can understand that the 32 has to shuffle much more data and therefore will have less time to do the things like playlists, pre-loading and so on. But I never trust documentation. No offense to the great marketing people in this business, but I only trust what I can see for myself… 🙂
But even if it does end up missing some of the good stuff of 24, there still are a bunch of applications where I would use it in a zip.

Do you already know when you get yours?