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Hi there indeed overhere in Europe (netherlands) the card is available right now. In the short period of time i have made one 16 track recording. In the beginning i had some difficulties but that was an operator mistake :blush: Read carefully the owner manual for Uremote and Utool. The card itself is simple, remove the XUF card and than slide in the Utrack32 as simple as that. Start your x32 or m32 and the card shows itself as the uf or xuf light is green immediately. Than i connected it to my router, the card is right away on the IPad, asks for a removable drive. Than the important thing format your drive on the uTrack card!!! It recognizes the the drive and you are ready to go. Push the record button give the song or the complete show and go. I also imported a few wave tracks from my harddisk both takes sound really great. When you import/expert tracks you can normalize them, for me the problem was that some
tracks on low volume disappeared at low volume, they are back when the volume increases. To me it looks it’s a little harsh. Virtual soundcheck works great, the drummer almost freaked out when he heard his kit :). When you want to know something, just to ask.

Greetz Gerhard