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Luc De Backer

Hi Laszlo,

Thanks for the feedback. I’m almost certain I did it correctly but now you make me doubt myself :woohoo:
Within a couple of hours I should receive a new s32 and will gIve it another shot to see if I can make it work.

In any case. I had all the 8 block in and outs configured during recording and playback in the exact same way where the signals ( my wife singing) on channel 1 were recorded and could be played back perfectly fine while the signals from 15 and 16 did not. I have the feeling, and of course I could be completely wrong with this, that the signal path routed to the card is done before the routing I did to get the signal for x32 usb recorder playback into the input of 15 and 16.

But as you mention, it should be possible to record from various in’s and out’s, I might be able to take the aux block of 8 entirely routed to the card and the left over 24 to the locals in, which will be perfect for my use case if this works. I’ll let out know asap because this is something I did not try yet.

Thanks again