Return Authorizations

This document outlines Cymatic Audio Return Material Authorization (RA) process.


1. Standard Hardware Warranty Policy
The terms of warranty may differ between products. For details please see our Warranty Policy.

If your Cymatic Audio product exhibits signs of failure, you must contact our Customer Support first to verify product failure. If the Cymatic Audio Customer Support Representative cannot correct the problem by remote support methods i.e. phone or Email support and determines that the problem is the result of product failure covered under Cymatic Audio’s warranty policy, then an RA Number will be issued. Customers must contact their Reseller to request an RA.

2. 30-day return
For end user purchases from our website, we offer a 30-day return policy. Items must be returned with all original packaging as well as all included items. Items that are not returned in original, resalable condition are subject to a restocking fee. We charge a 20% restocking fee on returned items if the item is clearly used and or the packaging is tarnished. A 10% re-stock is more likely if the unit comes back in mint condition. The shiping costs we paid to ship your item will be deducted as well. In some cases restocking fees can be applied as a store credit.  You must contact our Customer Support first to obtain a Return Authorization number. Discontinued products, close-outs, demo/used products, etc. are non-returnable.

3. RA Information

The following information is required to assign an RA.
– Reseller information — where the item was purchased (if applicable)
– Your Phone Number
– Your Email Address
– Product Model or Part Number (e.g. LR-16)
– Product Serial Number
– Purchasing date
– Receipt/Proof of purchase
– Description of Failure or Problem

4. RA Confirmation
Requests for RA are typically processed during working day, between 9:00AM to 5:00 PM MET. RA Confirmation will be accomplished by e-mail. Cymatic Audio technical support will send the RA application form to the customer and customer will fill the form and send it back to Cymatic Audio technical support. The RA Confirmation is a RA form with the assigned RA number. This form must be put in the packaging when the product is returned.

5.1. Packaging
Original packaging should be used if available to minimize the potential for shipment damage. Board products must be enclosed in an antistatic bag to avoid ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage.
If items are damaged during return shipment due to insufficient packaging, it will be left to Cymatic Audio’s discretion to determine whether or not the product is repairable.

Please follow these guidelines when returning product to Cymatic Audio:
– Use the products original packaging if still available
– Ship the RA items via traceable means to the below address
– Write the RA number prominently on at least two (2) outside surfaces of each return package
– Write RA number on the Air Waybill or Shipper
– Allow four (4) weeks Turn-Around-Time after receipt of RA by Cymatic Audio

If items are damaged during return shipment due to insufficient packaging, it will be left to Cymatic Audio’s discretion to determine whether or not the product is repairable.

5.2. Address
Unless otherwise instructed, all RA packages should be shipped to:

Cymatic Technologies / RA # (your RA number)
c/o Jan Tromp Transport en Logistiek BV
Mispelhoefstraat 45
5651 GK Eindhoven
Contact person: Ad Keeman
Tel +31 6-27742873h

5.3. Tracking
All RA returned items must be sent via traceable means. Examples would be UPS, FedEx, USPS, or US Postal Service Priority Mail. Be sure to retain the tracking information for your records. The customer is responsible for the product until it is received by us. Cymatic Audio is liable for the returned item upon the receipt of shipment.
The customer is responsible for paying shipment charges when returning the product to Cymatic Audio. Cymatic Audio will pay for shipment of the repaired items back to the customer. Cymatic Audio ships all domestic RA repaired items by USPS Ground (5-7 days).
The product that is shipped to the customer may be new or refurbished but will be certified

6. RA Turnaround Time
6.1. Standard
Within four (4) weeks after receipt of returned parts, the repaired or replacement item will be ready for return shipment. UPS Ground (5-7 days) is the standard method of shipment.

6.2. Expedited
If the customer requires resolution within two (2) working days from receipt of returned parts, an expedite fee will be incurred, as follows:
Finished products- 40% MSRP
The customer will also be required to pay expedited shipment charges over and above UPS Ground rates.

6.3. DOA Expedited
Within fourteen (14) days of purchase, Dead-on-Arrival (DOA) parts will be repaired or replaced within two (2) working days from receipt of returned parts. No expedited repair or shipment fees will be charged to the customer. Replacement items will be shipped via UPS Second-day for domestic customer or UPS International Priority for international customers.

7. RA Repair and Test Procedures
All items returned under an RA will be repaired, or at Cymatic Audio’s option replaced with either new or factory refurbished parts. If a returned product is determined to be damaged or misused, it will be handled according to the out-of-warranty policy below.
All repaired or replacement parts will have successfully passed the appropriate manufacturing quality assurance test procedures. These are the same tests that are utilized to verify “new build” parts as manufactured by Cymatic Audio.
Out-of-Warranty repaired items carry a ninety (90) day warranty. In-Warranty repaired items are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty or ninety (90) days, whichever expires later.

8. RA Closing Procedure
If Cymatic Audio has not received the RA requested items from the customer within thirty (30) days of the RA assignment date, the RA will be closed.
Cymatic Audio will not accept any packages without an open, valid RA number appearing on at least 2 surfaces on the box/packaging and reference to the RA number on the shipper or air waybill.
Only the specific items listed on the RA will be accepted. All other items will be returned to the customer at customer’s expense.
After return shipment of a repaired/replacement part to the customer, Cymatic Audio will close the RA.

9. RA Out-Of-Warranty
A product whose warranty period has expired or which has been damaged or misused may be determined to be out-of-warranty. If your product is determined to be out-of warranty, the following guidelines are applied.

9.1. Repair or Replacement
At Cymatic Audio’s option, an out-of-warranty product may be repaired or replaced with new or refurbished parts for a fee. Products that have been damaged or misused may be deemed non-repairable at Cymatic Audio’s determination.
Out-of-warranty repaired or replaced items carry a 90-day warranty. All shipping costs for out-of-warranty repaired and/or replaced items are the responsibility of the customer.

9.2. Repair or Replacement Fees
Out-of-warranty products offered on the current Cymatic Audio End User Price List will be repaired or replaced as determined below.
A EUR 75.00 nonrefundable diagnostic fee is required to determine whether the product can be repaired. If the product is repairable, the charge for repair will have to be paid in advance of repair. If the product can be repaired and the customer approves the charge, the diagnostic fee will be credited towards the repair cost. If the product is not repairable and the customer approves the replacement, the charge for replacement will be the current customer list price.

10. Payment Method
Payment can be made as follows:
– PayPal (preferred)
– Wire Transfer (with additional banking fees)