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    Jon P. Yarger

    Well after many many many months of waiting I finally took delivery the the uTrack24 and got the use it the following day recording a live gig.. Talk about being nervous as heck with new gear. Setup was a breeze, using 5′ snakes going into DDA CS8 via direct outs with the directs set to pre faders etc. The only downside of the board is that its a TRS out but unbalanced (specs below). When I spoke to a rep @ Cymatic they said this setup would work with a 5′ run max, which I am glad to report worked like a charm. (I also had a Behringer ADA8200 in the chain for some room mics as the band was not using a full 24 channels).

    “digital archivist” for a not for profit Progressive Music Series that has been around for 15 years, IT Professional (day job).. 1-2 Recordings a month..
    I have used everything from 8mm video cassette recorder as a noiseless 2 track, Minidisc (ugh), numerous M-Audio computer interfaces (too much to lug around and prone to dropout issues), Zoom reorder units, etc.. and now a happy owner of a uTrack24 where I don’t have to worry about crappy mixes coming as a 2 track board feed..

    now onto my impressions and such
    The Good:
    1. This unit is a true set it and forget it dream come true.
    2. It can handle whatever is thrown at it, headroom is incredible and QUIET!
    3. Clean and simple settings UI and physical controls.
    4. WavTool works perfectly.

    The Not Bad (but I have some questions):
    1. Headphone out seems a bit low even cranked all the way up and monitor mix for each channel set to full. (might run a headphone amp just to be able to hear whats going on) using Sony MDR-7506
    2. Signal indicator does not seem to be accurate? (maybe due to a lower level going in?) channels that recorded signal did not light up green till some louder passages of the set.
    3. One of the indicators (track 17) the green light seemed a bit less bright than the others (could be a flaky led?)
    4. DB25 connectors were screwed down but seemed to have some play? (using ProCo branded cables) plus it took some screwing to finally make then feel like they caught (maybe just new screws and jacks need to get broken in?)
    5. By using an unbalanced feed (sorry can’t control what the venue has) signal is low, but easily cranked up in post. (see #2 on wish list)

    Suggestions/Wish List:
    1. More gain on the headphone amp
    2. Maybe a 5dB boost option if needed on each channel, or channel banks 1-4, 5-8 etc? (should be just firmware?)
    3. remote record/stop level monitoring via ios/android via wifi adapter.
    4. Stickers, TShirts etc.. I’d love a CA sticker on the road case 😉 I would gladly wave the flag about this fantastic unit! Yeah I had a few people ask at the show “what is that, who makes it?)


    DDA CS8 Direct Out Specs:
    Direct Output :1/4” TRS Jack Socket,
    ‘A’ Gauge, Unbalanced
    Nominal Output level: 0dBu
    Tip : Signal
    Ring : Ground
    Sleeve: Ground
    Output Impedance : <75 Ohm

    Blake WALLACE

    Did you know that there are different sized “thumb screws” and threads on D-sub connectors? The most common is #4-40 UNC (med. thread I think). Some are #4-43 (fine) and some are . . ? Years ago, many companies included an additional set of a different size. I thought they were just being nice and including extras :huh:


    Jon P. Yarger


    Yes I am aware of the different thread thumb screws for the d-sub cables.. tried the additional ones they sent along…


    Marc Trainor

    I ended up buying a headphone amp to bring up the volume of the low output headphone output on the U-Track. I bought one by ART, that has six different outputs, and a bunch of other cool stuff too. You might want to check that out, or at least get a single banger headphone amp. That should do the trick. Marc Trainor.

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