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    Axel Luedecke

    Is there a recommended manufacturer for the required 25Pin D-Sub cables?
    Using Cordial CFD 5 DMT do not fit as there is no space left around the socket, so the D-25 cable plug does not insert into the socket but is prohibited to become inserted by the housing. Also the screws do not fit.

    Please advise



    Hi Axell,
    I bought a HOSA D25 to XLR cable, which contained a separate set of screws. The original screws did not fit (like yours), but the separate set did.
    Apparently this is a known issue, and some vendors include the other set of screws in the package (and some don’t 🙁 )

    Axel Luedecke

    Dear ajarink,

    THAT WAS IT!! Thank you so much! You were right that the Cordial cable has had a little plastic bag with 2 screws in there. I was thinking that the screws are the same as on the connector and they are just spares. But changing the screws by opening the connector and replacing with the ones in the plastic bag NOW makes it possible to tighten the connector to the plug.

    Consider this case as closed now 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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