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    John Shepherd

    I’ve added a 2nd device I need to control via the midi track of the LP-16. My Axe Fx is on Ch1, TC Helicon VL3X on Ch2. All midi recorded on the correct 2 tracks in DAW. Saved as midi Type 0 and Type 1. Type 1 will not export, error shows no midi track to destination – so it must be type 0, which I figured because LP-16 houses only 1 track.

    But, does the LP-16 midi track play back all 16 channels of midi or just channel 1? My VL3X is set to channel 2, but receives Channel 1 midi program changes.

    Please advise – Thanks, Shep

    John Shepherd

    I verified via a midi out cable from my DAW to the VL3X that it in fact changes programs and automation from midi Channel2 from it. So, it seems the LP-16 can only transmit 1 midi channel worth of information – on Channel 1. Please advise if I’m wrong and what I’m missing. Thanks


    Hi John,

    I would like to know how your devices are connected together.
    The LP-16 able to handle up to 16 midi channels, and it sends out all of the channels on the midi port.
    Did you tried to connect the device which configured to ch2 directly to the LP-16 midi out? does this works?
    Could you please send me your midi file?
    What is the firmware version on your LP-16?

    Dall Luhjcien

    hi, i’m interested in the answer

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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