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    Piotr Stelmach

    Is there any option to use 2 x uTrack24 to have 48 I/O in DAW?
    I’m thinking about connecting 1st Utrack24 via USB to PC and 2nd via ADAT to the 1st one. Is this will work?
    Or maybe better option will be use Audiolan connection? If i use Audiolan feature Can I do it via “Dante Virtual Soundcard”?

    MADI interfaces are sooo expesive.



    Unfortunately the you cannot connect two uTrack24 using USB connection to the same computer.
    By using ADAT output from the first uTrack24 you’ll have a same channels on the second uTrack24 as well. So this is not 48 channels but 2×24 with same channels.
    I’m not really sure the Dante Virtual soundcard supports AES67 mode, please ask support from Audinate in this topic.

    Roland King

    thank you very much Laszlo for answer the OP’s question as I was having pretty much same questions… but i was wondering.. Piotr, have you found some more precise answers? would appreciate if you could update! thanks

    koen benschop


    what about having two utrack 24 setup, both via USB to a Mac and make a virtual soundcard in OSX.

    will it work?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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