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    Hello Cymatic…
    I purchased and received two utrack24s less than a week ago especially for the purpose of cascading both to record 48 channels as per the stated future firmware updates. I currently upgraded to the latest one (july 2015).
    Till this firmware is released i would like to purchase the appropriate sync cable as i live outside the US and need to have it shipped.
    What is the required sync cable? It seems like a mini MIDI 5-pin. Is it?

    Also isn’t there a way or maybe a future update that would add some protection to the stop button in case someone accidentally stops the recording such as a long press? or some kind or a combination of the stop button and another one. You’re making a great machine here to capture recordings (moments) specifically for live use, kindly consider this…… Thanks


    Hi Rmb,

    We would advise you to not buy a cable at this point of time. There are multiple ways with which the sync can be achieved and we are still trying to figure out which would the best option for the user. Although the sync-in port is labelled on the back of the uTrack24, we are looking at another option to sync the devices using the network cable.

    I will keep you informed as soon as we have figured this out.


    Dear Laszlo , it seemed a little bit weird to cascade between two utrack24 unit using network cable, suppose i want to attach my two utrack24 units to a router (for remote control ) how can i do this if i am using the network port for sync , i think the proper way to do the sync is by using the sync port already available in the unit and in future suppose i need to sync more than two units i will never be able to do this using the network port !


    Rabadi makes a lot of sense…


    Well, if our Cymatics are anticipating to use one of the widespread network protocols that do time-stamping this may actually make a lot of sense.
    (if I am not mistaken, time stamping is the fundament of all audio-networking like DANTE and so on, where nodes need to be in absolute sync)
    extracting some kind of (word)clock from such a protocol would be a very interesting approach allowing to simplify things significantly.
    Is that the route you guys are going?



    Syncing two uTrack24 will be possible with direct connection without any switch or router on the network.
    If you need a remote and sync as well, you can do that with router, or switch on the network.

    Yes, we will use PTPv2 to synchronize the devices when the master device is configured to use internal clock.
    If the master device is configured to use an external clock (WordClock, Digital Input) the user will be responsible of making this clock available to all devices (through the digital input or WordClock input).


    Anything new on this subject?


    Hi rmb,

    We will intruduce the sync feature with coming firmware release. There’s no ETA at the moment.
    Until this firmware release, you can record 48 channel, by syncing the clocks on the two uTrack. The only disadvantage you’ll need to manually allign the 2x24channels recording start point in your DAW.
    But once you allign the start point the other part of the recording will be in perfectly sync, if you use the same clock source on both uTrack24. If you have no external clock you can use the WordClock output form one [1]uTrack24 to the anoter [2]uTrack24 WordClock input in this case you’ll need to set WordClock as clock source on this [2]uTrack24 and internal on [1]uTrack24. With this setup both two uTrack will use the same clock, the [1]uTrack24 will be the clock master.


    Hi all,

    The new firmware release 3474 is available for download. The firmware allows synchronized playback and recording with 4 uTrack24 units. There are other features and bug fixes in this firmware version.

    Please check the downloads section for the firmware and manuals.
    Do download the new uTool version 2 which supports exporting and importing songs and playlists for the new synchronized mode.

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