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    Hello everyone,
    am looking for a solution to get my Macbook off stage re live
    multitrack mixing (dub).

    My current setup is:
    Macbook > soundcard > analog desk

    I would like to switch to Cymatic > desk but do have a question re
    stereo panning of certain tracks.

    Current: 8x mono, 4x stereo.
    The 4x stereo outputs go into stereo channels on my analog desk.
    The stereo tracks are filled with various sounds, swirling from left to right (and back), thus creating a ‘sea of sounds’ that comes like a sort of wave, left/right and over top of the riddim. .

    Is this something I could keep by replacing my DAW with a Cymatic LP-16 or uTrack24?
    If yes, how would I do this?
    If no, are there alternative options in the market?

    Many thanks for letting me know 🙂


    The LP-16 has only mono outputs. If you play out stereo tracks on the LP-16 the result will be two mono tracks.

    Depending on your equipment you can connect that two mono channels from LP-16 to your console mono or stereo input (with proper cabling). On the mono channels on your console you will find the pan control to set the panorama from left to right. On the stereo inputs (2xmono input) will have a balance control where you’ll able to set the balance between the two mono channels.
    (If you split the stereo song to two mono channels (the uTool do this automatically) then connect that two output to two mono channels where the first channel hard pan left then the second channel hard pan right the result will be same where you connect to stereo input.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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