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    Brendan Ross

    I recently updated the firmware of my LP16 to the latest 83926 as well as the utool to vs 1.1.46 and have found this problem:

    I like to make playlists for my upcoming shows of maybe 30 songs / playlist. But I also export rest of my song library to the same drive in case we need something else. In that case I just pop out of the playlist mode and find the song I need. After performing it I go back to playlist mode and continue from where we left off…

    I’ve tried a few different drives now and there seems to be a limitation of only 98 songs being seen by the LP16. I have checked that all songs are in fact being exported to the drive. The problem is also that it seems to randomly pick which 98 songs it will show you.

    For now the work around I have found is to make a playlist with all my songs in alphabetical order – at least you can find it that way.

    Please add this to the list for the next update



    Hi brendenovich,

    There’s a 99 song limitation in the LP-16.
    But you can have subfolder(s) inside of the Recording folder where each folder can have 99 song.
    The only problem the (current) uTool not support to create playlist from different folders.
    The good news we already working on the next uTool where this function supported.

    Brendan Ross

    Thanks for the advise – I’ve tried to do this but haven’t had any success.
    my folder structure looks like this:

    recording –
    – many songs –
    – recording 2 – (also tried ‘recording’ as the folder name)
    – more songs

    Could you please assist

    Brendan Ross

    Oh, I can see all the songs if I use the folder button… not in the root directory. That’s good enough for me until the update..
    scratch that :dry: – I can see the songs but they won’t play.

    Please advise on how to handle the sub folders you mentioned…thanks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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