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    Brendan Ross


    I have a large library of songs and have tried countless times to migrate the songs from the older versions of Utool to the newer versions without any luck. (even if I do it manually I have to re-mix every song and I simply don’t have the inclination or the time)

    I’m aware that in the newer versions of utool you can use folders to store multi-track songs and navigate through them on the player. I need to have access to all the songs in my library at all times and the player limits me to only seeing 98 or 99 songs.
    Please could you suggest a workaround for this ? Maybe I can manipulate the folder structure on my flash disk so that I can see the entire library on the LP16?
    Also please let me know how to navigate folders on the player.

    many thanks

    Brendan Ross

    Ok – I answered my own question to some extent – I created a folder named #MORE and placed it in the Recording folder. Now I can navigate to the songs within that folder using the ‘folder’ button on the player.

    Now, if I have a song living in that folder and it’s part of my playlist, the LP16 doesn’t see audio files for that song.
    How can I get around this (apart from having to exit the playlist to play the song?


    Brendan Ross

    Oh my…. Now I see there’s an update for the player that allows for 200 tracks…. my bad.



    I hope your problem is already solved.

    Yes we increased the number of song limit in one folder to 200. But as you found out, multiple folders can be created. Moreover, a playlist can be made from songs which lie in different folders.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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