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    Hi there.

    First of all…. i find it great that there is a suggestion box on this forum!
    I’m pretty sure all suggestions are taken seriously by cymatic since i had posted a few questions on this forum and was pleasantly surprised about how accurate and fast you guys replied. Thanks for that.

    Im a new user to the Utrack24 and so far im a bit disappointed about the product.
    Not by its quality *although havent tested the audio quality yet… the product looks and feels just as expected,
    but when using it it lacks some important features for me.

    Im sure im not your average user since i dont use the utrack for live recordings or playback but only in a studio environment. I replaced my trusty Motu 828 mk2 for the utrack so i could get full advantage of the 24 in and outs in combination with my large hardware mixing console. Simply said: i use the utrack as my main soundcard to hook each of the 24 channels to a separate mixing channel on the desk… and send it back via its direct outs… giving me the opportunity to use the desks EQs etc.
    Although,… that was my goal…

    Let me get clear that im not here to moan about whats wrong with this piece of gear but rather hoping for possible updates if technically possible… if these features can be added it would make it such more convenient for studio use… and therefor reach a larger clientele. So hopefully these cons are meaningful 🙂

    1) the first disappointment was that its actually 22 out and 24 in… since the main out isn’t an independent output when using it in usb interface mode. To be fair: i wasn’t expecting that… since it does have separate outputs for the main. My old motu had 8 ins and outs (and a few extras) + a main out for the stereo out of a DAW *for example. Now track 1 and 2 of the Utrack is simply a copy of its main out…. so not very useful to me and costs me 2 extra outs for external processing… or is there a work around that im not aware of?

    2) I cant record the tracks back from my mixing console (or from anything) on the usb drive connected to the front panel as long as its in USB interface mode. So…. i understand its either standalone or “soundcard” mode… and technically impossible to make it function both as a soundcard as a harddisk recorder?… would be so nice if it could do that.. for example: i can mix my track and directly record the audio in 24 tracks on to an usb harddisk…. which i can drop at the mastering studio…. *now i have to record the 24 *uhm 22…processed audio files back in my daw that is already spitting out at least 24 tracks… making it a processor heavy task… *imagine hooking up more then one utrack24 this way.

    3) And this is a major one for me, but perhaps the most simple one to solve for cymatic audio. Me and my studio colleague where really surprised by this. The uremote software doesnt work in usb interface mode!? You might ask yourself… so whats the problem? Well there is no metering except for the 3 coloured leds on the front panel… but thats it… when recording audio in the “usb soundcard” mode….
    Too be totally fair… i find that a bit silly… there is no detailed metering option when using the soundcard not even in the utool software?
    Pretty please can you add this in the future? I love the simplicity of your product and think its smart using the 3 coloured leds… and even when pressing the big rotary dail… yes it gives me a much more detailed image of incoming signals but it would make live so much easier if theres is an overview of all 24 channels gain stages somewhere on my computer screen?

    Again… this is not an attack on the utrack24 … but just some suggestions for improvement… There are a lot of things to love about this product but personally these features would make me a much happier user. 🙂

    If there is any question/suggestion or ways to help in any way! im happy to do so.
    Thanks in advance / Alvast bedankt 🙂


    Hi roidebruijn,

    Thank you for your message.

    I try to give you answer all of your questions/suggestions

    1, The uTrack24 is a 24/24 USB interface. That is true this is not an 24/26 interface so the Main out 1-2 (or the headphones output) has no separated output in USB interface mode.
    Here’s the drawing which explain how the USB interface mode works:

    As you can see this is a 24/24 interface.
    Workaround (windows only): If you don’t need inputs on the uTrack24 you can loop back the outputs to the inputs then you can listen the the downmix of all channels.

    2, As the uTrack24 is using the same interface internally in USB host as well USB interface mode unfortunately we cannot solve that by firmware update. This is an hardware limitation.

    3, We need to conciser that before we release the new version of uRemote. I’ll add this message as a feature request Today you have an option to check the levels trough the Mixer panel application which included in the USB driver (unfortunately windows only).
    Teaser: There’s a new mixer panel for Windows and OSX on our timeline –> With this you’ll able the monitor the levels.

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