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    Karsten Krambs

    I an converting from Miditemp (only Stereotrack backing track) to uTrack24. I am converting ca. 200 files so i need to be spot on in process.

    I have bought
    uTrack 24 + ADAT card
    I will be using a X32 mixer with adat interface

    My stems output channel will look like this:
    01 Drums L
    02 Drums R
    03 Percussion L
    04 Percussion R
    05 Bas L
    06 Bas R
    07 Back Vocal
    08 Back Vocal
    09 Guitar / Brass / Keys L
    10 Guitar / Brass / Keys R
    11 Click L
    12 Click R

    So i have 5 stereo Bus in Logic, Drums, Perc, Bas, Vocal, KBG, click
    Some shows will have a drummer = click and mute Drums on mixer.
    Sometimes we will use drums on tracks.

    I have noticed that the uRemote mixer default level is -12db.

    What is you recommended db. export levels from Logic ?



    Hi Karsten,

    To export the tracks you don’t need to attenuate the levels, you can use any levels in ProTools.
    The -12dB is the monitor mixer default level which needed if you have full scale signal on 24 channels to avoid saturation in the monitor mix.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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