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    Roman Stundl


    though having read all posts I have not found an answer, so I open this new thread.

    I am recording Channel 1-16 from AES-A, S16.
    As I want to be able to playback without changing routing, I play them to channel 17-32, on an X-32 Core.
    That way I can test adjusting dynamics, gate, effects and so on on channels 17-32, without disturbing our standard settings for band rehearsals on the first 16 channels.
    Things we like can be saved as presets, and be used on the “Live” channels 1-16.
    (I am aware there are other ways like using scenes instead, but like this way for the purpose above:)

    I understand recorded channel are being taken post gain, pre all other settings.

    In my setup, do I have to adjust every channels HA (gain) configuration from 1-16 to its respective counterpart on channel 17-32?
    I assume they are less louder on channel 17-32 if I do not replicate gain settings, and that way e.g. gate settings do not fit.

    Thanks and kind regards


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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