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    Yes, some of you already had been anticipating a product like this 🙂
    And now it is there:

    We proudly announce our brand new uTrack-X32 which commences shipping this month of September


    One question about the file format that will be recorded by the uTrack-X32. Will it record each track to a separate .wav file or only to a single multichannel file?

    Since the USB drive requirement is for one formatted with Fat32 what happens about the file size limit? 32 tracks in a single multichannel file at 48k 24 bit will fill the Fat32 limit in a very short time.


    The uTrack-X32 record to multichannel wav file like the uTrack24.
    The disk need to be FAT32 recommended to format with any Cymatic Audio product (because of the special allocation unit size, which provide better performance)
    You don’t need to worry about the 2GB limitation because the uTrack-X32 and uTrack24 will split the recording to 2GB chunks. Of course that’s a gapless recording, so when you’ll extract your recording with uTool you’ll have a bigger file because the chunks merged together.
    So there’s no time limitation during the recording, the recording time only depend on the size of the USB storage.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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