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    OK…..I got the MIDI track to work in my Reaper (DAW) by adding Channel one and formatting as a .midi file to the LP-16 and it did change the scenes in my Behringer X32. My question is…. now that I can control my x32 mixer scenes, is it possible from the same .midi file to have another channel programmed (like channel 2) to work with another MIDI controlled item at the same time? Can I add another MIDI track in the “Play List Editer”??? Please let me know “if” and is it possible to operate/control “multiple” external MIDI hardware at the same time and how many can I control at the same time with the LP-16? If so….how can I do it?

    Thanks 🙂

    PS….When will the MIDI functions be updated/available for the U-24?

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