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    gerald massois


    I use the LP-16 since a while now, and while it is a great tool, I met some small concerns about with which I am a little frustrated..

    1 – I mainly use Multitrack playlist and I noticed a silence lag between 2 songs even is the function (I don’t remember the name) is set the 0ms. Is it normal ? I mean I built a fullset and transition between each song is very important but his silence lag is very concerning…

    2 – The interface in the LP-16 is not very intuitive for playlists. For instance, when you load a playlist, it is quite confusing because it is hard to distinguish which song is currently loaded. This is due to the fact that the next song to be loaded has an arrow at the left. I think it would more clear for the user that the current song loaded has this arrow and not the next song to be loaded.

    3 – Another thing I noticed is that in a multitrack song, if I export a project and that the midifile (only used for program changes) is longer than the Wav file, all the wav files take the length of the midifile and add silence… I assume this is intentional ?

    Anyone would notice me a free software to cut the midifiles ? I face huge problems with ACID PRO 7.0 I use to create the MIDI track for (program change) and cut them where I want.

    4 – Can someone could recommend me a cheap and small footswitch for play and pause function. I bought a cheap one at Thomann (Lead Foot FS-1) and I have to switch twice to play and twice to stop. 🙁

    Thank you for your help


    Hi djemass,

    1. The LP-16 does not support gapless playback that is the reason why you have slightly gap between the songs. If you need gapless playback it may worth to conciser to use uTrack24.
    The function called MIDI offset you can set that 0ms but that is not related to audio playback.

    2. Yes it is little bit confusing. That is the indication for the next song as they can change from the browser as well. The display has some limitation because of the resolution for this reason not easy to display everything in intuitive way. But anyhow I’ll add your comment as user feature request.

    3. In the LP-16 the wav files need to be a same length like the midi files for this reason the uTool extend the wav files automatically. But that is does not changes your playback scenario because the LP-16 will play the midi file until the end anyhow so your song not longer because of this extended wav files. What is your problem exactly with this extended wav files?
    –> you can cut your MIDI files like cubase etc.

    4. The reason why you need to push the footswich twice because you have a latching version. This is how that footswich works. You need to get a Non Latching (momentary) footswitch in this case you’ll don’t need to push twice

    gerald massois

    Hi Lazslo, thank you for your feedback.

    Point 1 : This point is a little annoying. It is a pity. Even MP3 players (IPOD, …) don’ t have this lag. I have another solution to make longer songs and include several songs in the same Multi track song, but it is less practical.

    Point 2 : Thank you to take into consideration this point. I strongly believe that putting the arrow for the current song played would give much less confusion.

    Point 3 : I found that exporting the wav files to the USB stick without the MID file, then reexporting later the midifile solves this problem as UTOOL will not adapt the length of the wav files to the MIDI track, which is great for me. I will try to recut my midifiles with another DAW. Acid pro has troubles with midi tracks…

    Point 4 : Thank you for the tip. It could be nice to recommend us footswitches that are comptabile with your own products. 😉

    Thank you

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