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    Mumbo Jumbo


    a friend of mine has brought me an LP-16. He has some midi files and he wants the LP-16 to play them.

    I am not sure if this is possible or if it works.

    I have formatted the USB drive and put the midi files in the music folder and tried to play them in ST mode, but only wav files show up on the screen (these can be played). In order for the midi files to show up I have to tap the folder button, this way I can see the midi files, but when I select one and hit the play button nothing happens.

    I have also tried the uTool, and this also seems to ignore midi files on the selected soure.


    I wonder if midi is playable by LP-16 at all or is it something that LP-16 transfers to an output which is then played by another device feeding ot that output?

    Kegan Heiss

    Hi there! Hopefully you’ve already found an answer, but in case anyone else comes across this: Yes, you can definitely play midi files using the LP-16.

    The quick answer–in the ‘Edit Multitrack Song’ screen you can assign a MIDI file at the bottom right corner.

    Here’s a step-by-step:

    Create the MIDI file and save it somewhere accessible on the computer UTool is installed on – I have a folder for all my Cymatic ‘Source’ files, with a sub-folder for each song I’m using the LP-16 for, ie:

    Cymatic > SongName > Track1.wav

    Open UTool. Select the ‘Home’ tab.

    Under ‘Project Explorer’ expand ‘LP-16’, then expand ‘Multitrack Songs’.

    Select ‘New Multitrack Song’ from the Details tab on the right.
    (If you’ve already created a multitrack song file, select the song you want to add midi to and click the ‘Edit’ button on the details tab).
    (You can also right-click if you’re using windows and select ‘New Multitrack Song’ or ‘Edit’ from the context menu that pops up).

    This should open the song edit screen, where you can add your audio and midi files to the LP-16’s song info.

    The tab on the left lets you pick a folder from which to grab audio files (.wav, or whatever).

    The tab on the right top, ‘Tracks’ is where you can drag .wav files to.

    The little tab on the bottom right is where you can add a MIDI file to the song. Unlike the Audio Files and Tracks tab, you can’t grab a file from the left and drag it over. You need to click on the folder icon in the MIDI file tab and then find your MIDI file on your computer.

    A few notes/quirks:

    Your MIDI file must be the same length as your audio files to sync up — or at least, it must start on the same measure in the DAW that you’ve exported both files from. If you have a DAW that lets you export a marked region, make sure you’re using that option and that the region you’re exporting is consistent. Oddly the length (in time) displayed in the UTool for the audio files and MIDI files appears to be different for me most of the time, even though I’ve exported them as I’ve described. Not sure why, but it hasn’t caused a problem as long as I’ve made sure they’re the same region in my DAW.

    A lot of users have posted that you need to export MIDI at 120bpm for it to work on the LP-16, and that it will not read MIDI clock information. This has NOT been my experience. I have exported songs in a wide range of tempos, as well as songs that include tempo changes, ramped tempos and time signature changes. The LP-16 reads these MIDI files accurately, in sync with any backing tracks I’ve also exported. I’m not sure if this is due to the way my DAW is encoding the MIDI files, or if there’s some other reason that I’ve had a (positively) different experience than other users. For reference, I’ve only used Tracktion Waveform as a DAW in conjunction with the LP-16.

    In my experience changing the note value of the time signature (the bottom number) WILL have an unexpected result. For instance, if you have a song in 6/8 time, the LP-16 plays the MIDI back at half tempo. Again, not sure if this is due to the LP-16’s MIDI reading habits, or if it’s due to my DAW’s MIDI encoding habits. It’s annoying, but by factoring the tempo (bpm) to ‘normalize’ the time signature to quarter notes, it will work just fine. For instance, if your MIDI composition is in 6/8 time at 120bpm, you’ll need to change the tempo to 240bpm to export. If your MIDI composition is in 3/2 time at 110bpm, you’ll need to export at 55bpm.

    Hope this helps, feel free to hit me up with any follow-up questions.

    Mumbo Jumbo

    Hi Kegan,

    thank you for the answer. I’m not sure what you were saying. So .mid files can’t be used without a .wav?

    I thought the LP-16 could play .mid as a standalone file. What my friend wants is this:

    He has 16 tracks in a .mid, and he want’s this file to be played by the LP-16, so that he can turn these tracks on and off just like in an editor that can play midi. For example:


    As much as I understood your words, this is not possible with the LP-16.

    J C

    Sorry to jump on this thread bu Kegan – could you elaborate on how you got the LP to do tempo changes? I have tracks that slow down and speed up and I have tried every DAW I can find. So now I have downloaded Tracktion as you say it will work. I’ve tried several exports and yes – the LP does follow tempo changes bu it drifts out of sync.
    What steps did you do to make it lock?
    Many thanks for any help. J

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