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    Joseph Karniewicz

    I am using the LR-16 as a 2×16 interface with Reaper. All works fine except that Reaper and the LR-16 will lose their connection after some apparently variable time (typically about 1/2-1 hour). When the connection is lost I get an [audio device closed] warning in Reaper. Both Reaper and the LR-16 have to be shut down and restarted to reestablish the connection.

    The about screen in the LR-16 mixer says that the driver is 6.19.0 and the Firmware version is 18323. The LR-16 itself shows the firmware version to be 83859.

    My system is a Dell pc with an i7 processor, 8MB Ram, and 256G SSD. It is less than a month old. I am using a 16′ USB 2.0 cable from Amazon Basic.

    I’ve been running a dedicated power option for recording which a) never puts the system to sleep b) turns off the hard drive only if idle for more than 5 hours c) disables “usb selective suspend”.

    Any suggestions as to what else I might look at to resolve this issue.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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