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    I have an UTrack withh audilan card. All on latest firmware.
    In the Dante net I can see the audiolan card but never can connect to a dante-device (sample rate error).
    All units are on 48kHz. Every unit in the whole net works correct exept the audiolan card.

    I tried to look at the card with browser and it works very very slow. If I make pings to the card it looses 50-75% and never goes better than 10ms.
    If I reboot the UTrack (not the card) I noticed that the ping works during the reboot well <1 ms for approx. 10 pings. Then it gos down to more than 10ms and looses a lot.

    ... any suggestions?

    P.S. The network is 100% ok. I changed cables, switches, connectors and only the audiolan card does not what I want.
    The DANTE and the "normal" net is different (ip-numbers and hardware)



    If you want to receive stream with AudioLan card you need to make sure the Menu/Recording/Pre-Recording turned on and you set 48kHz in the Menu/Recording. Once the USB drive connected to the front panel you should see the Pre-Recording message on the screen. After that you should able to connect.
    The AES67 streams (what you created in the Dante Controller) it can be maximum 8 channels stream


    Thanks for reply!

    I know about that. But that is not the point.

    I cannot do any changings on audiolan because of extrem slow connection.
    Ping on (dante net) is extremly slow an looses a lot of pings. Other numbers (e.g., …102 etc) have pings <= 1ms without any ping errors.
    On the other physical net the uTrack is rechable normaly fast. If I reboot the uTrack (not the audiolan-card) the ping on the audiolancard becomes fast 20ms and 50% of pings are lost.

    If I disconnect the dante-network-card on my pc and ping via second (local) card and the router over the local net the pings are less than 1ms except the audiolan-card.
    This issue starts a couple of days ago. The whole net wasnt changed since approx. 6 month.



    We need to reproduce this issue, but to able to reproduce we need to have a detailed description of your setup (like how many device on the network, what kind of devices, what is the dante firmware version on the devices, what kind of router etc)
    Please also send me the output of the following addresses:


    Please send me those informations including the detailed description of your setup to support_at_cymaticaudio_dot_com



    I found the mistake! It was an old DANTE-Config-File loaded by a staff-member (without inform anybody).
    There was a wrong Multicast-Flow.

    I was on the wrong way with trouble-shooting because I thought it was an network issue on the audiolan-card (because of the slow and lost pings).
    I did not recognize that a wrong flow pull down the tcpip answeres.

    Thanks for your help!


    Great, thank you for your feedback

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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