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    Christian Daller


    I am running Cubase 8.0.30 on an iMac with OS X 10.11.3.
    I installed latest firmware 83859 and want to record into Cubase 24Bbit/96kHz.
    I just bought the LR16.

    Unfortunately I am always getting the error message Aufnahmefehler: ASIO-treiber nicht aktiv (ASIO drive not active)
    I made sure I selected LR16 in the device configuration, and mapped the inputs of cubase with the LR16 inputs.

    I was also trying to play back already recorded material, what also failed. The time bar is moving along with the song, but no sound, not on line nor on head phones. Trying with my other sound devices played back and recorded as expected.

    I already tried to have just the LR16 connected to the Mac, I exchanged USB cables, I tried on my MacBook with same versions of Mac OS X and Cubase, I tried an Cubase LE version I had as well. Nothing changed behavior of the device.

    Also tried deactivating ASIO guard, did not help.
    Stand alone recording to hard disk on LR16 works fine.

    Anybody who had this before? Would be happy on any help, otherwise I have to return the device, even though I love the concept.
    (unfortunately the technical support page did not give me any feedback if my case was properly sent(, but I did not press the reset button)



    Hi cd-wimb,

    I assume we do not received your email.
    Can you please verify in the audio midi setup panel (launcher/other/Audio midi setup) your device successfully detected and connected. Make sure, there’s no storage device connected to the LR-16, othervise the USB interface mode not working.
    Please set up as default input and output interface and try to playback some song eg. from the iTunes.
    If you able to playback please start the cubase, then go to the device/device setup/VST audio system, and select the LR-16, and please verify below all the inputs and outputs are active.
    Please also make sure the project sample rate are matching with the LR-16 settings.
    Do you able to use the LR-16 in 44.1 or 48kHz?

    Christian Daller


    I switched the device to be default sound cart. Play back from iTunes and spotify is working fine.
    I just gave it a try and started recording into Garageband, and it had some issues after I tried with Cubase before.

    I restarted the LR16, then it worked fine for both play back and recording, as well as monitoring.

    However the issue in Cubase remains unchanged.

    Could it be that, as soon as Cubase is trying to use it as ASIO source the device has some issues?
    I know, on Mac that should be CoreAudio instead, but Cubase on a Mac still calls it ASIO also with my other sound carts.

    So it could well be that the issue is within Cubase, but I wonder if anyone had a similar issue? Since I have two Macs with identical setup (as listed above) and I have the identical behavior, it seems it is a reproducible systematic issue…

    Christian Daller


    is there any recommendation you could give, anything I have not yet described, that I could try?
    I decided to keep the device, since it is great working stand alone, but I really would like to use it as DAW interface as well, not at last because I want to use the 96 kHz with 16 tracks…


    Tom Sailor

    Hi Christian

    Laszlo is away at Musikmesse so he might not reply quickly. Do you experience these issues at lower sample rates as well?

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