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    There is no info in the Appstore or on the website regarding IAP’s for Auria Pro.
    I asked for some info in another thread and richardyot was very kind to post a list:

    There are lots!


    Drumagog 5
    Classic Verb Pro
    FabFilter Micro
    FabFilter Pro-C2
    FabFilter Pro-DS
    FabFilter Pro-G
    FabFilter Pro-L
    FabFilter Pro-MB
    FabFilter Pro-Q2
    FabFilter Saturn
    FabFilter Timeless 2
    FabFilter Volcano 2
    FXpansion BusComp
    FXpansion ChanComp
    FXpansion EnvShaper
    Overloud THM
    PG Jamup
    PSP Echo
    PSP MicroWarmer
    PSP oldTimer
    PSP PianoVerb2
    PSP Springverb
    SugarBytes Turnado
    SugarBytes WOW2
    Mu ReTune


    MoreVox IR packages
    MoreVox GOG packages
    MoreVox Drum Loops
    Fabfilter One Presets
    Fabfilter Twin Presets (6 packs).

    and thank you very much for that, richardyot.

    However, before I pull the trigger on the app, I would like to know a bit about the temptations I will be facing…

    Can anyone help ?

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