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    Hi cymatic. How can I conect one output to an bass amp or guitar amp without that loudy sound? (Reampig) Any device for avoiding that? Thank you.


    I mean, from lp16 to an amp.


    Hi Sisiu,

    Outputs of LP are at LINE level, whereas your bass amps typically have much more sensitive Hi-Z inputs for guitars.
    That is a basic mismatch in level and impedance. May be use of a direct insertion box (DI) can bring improvements, but the only real solution is to connect your LP to appropriate line-inputs of a mixer etc.


    Thanks for your quick answer. I have another question.
    My guitar to a direct insertion box (DI) then to the mixer. Thats ok.
    Do i have to use the same kind of direct insertion box (DI) for doing the other way around?
    I mean, from the lp16 to a direct insertion box (DI) then to guitar/bass amp.
    Is the same using a DI to send from bass to mixer than to send from lp16 to amp?
    Let me be more clear, what can I use for connecting lp16 to bass/guitar amp, a normal Direct box or a reamping direct box?
    Thank you.


    In this particular case, you would use re-amping
    To learn more about DI’s:


    I managed it. It is not needed any di box. It´s simple. It´s just a matter of using utool mixer. In the mixer you can low down the level 20db and in the lp16 to use post fader set up and everything sounds great. Thank you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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