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    Tim Dudfield

    I have been rehearsing all day with our band.
    We have 2 x uTrack 24 on latest firmware and files were Batch Exported with uTool2
    I am working in a playlist and every song has a Pause selected.
    After a track plays back the uT24 Pre-Loads the next track in the playlist on both the Master and the SLAVE.
    However.. the Master goes into the normal stand by mode but the Slave transport buttons
    flash and then the Stop / Play / Record buttons all light up.
    If I rotate the dial to move from the current song to another song in the playlist then it goes back to normal
    Master / Slave operation. If I stop the tracks before the end the machines work as they are meant to.
    If the machines finish a track and Pre-Load the next track in the playlist then the Slave does not behave normally.
    Is this a known problem?
    To work around I had to dial forward 1 track then back to the track I needed.
    Not a great way to operate.



    Does that sync group used for redundant (same content) or stacked mode (more than 24channels)?
    How did you set up the sync group? Is there any router, switch between?

    However.. the Master goes into the normal stand by mode but the Slave transport buttons
    flash and then the Stop / Play / Record buttons all light up

    Where you seen this does the “M” and “S” at the top of the display are solid or blinking?

    Tim Dudfield

    Hi.. Thanks for the reply.

    They are redundant.. same content only running 10 Channels.
    There is a Router between them so I can run uRemote.
    Standard Sync Group set up.. Select Master then the Slave asks to be made into a slave.
    I didn’t see the M or S blinking at all.


    Hmmm. Strange.

    So if the “M” and “S” are solid not blinking that’s mean the sync group formed properly and the two device are synchronized. In this case the buttons on the master are active but the transport buttons on the slave (Play; Record; Skip back; Skip FFD) are disabled, it shouldn’t have backlight. Is that correct in your setup?
    So you said everything works properly except one scenario, where the sync group created, you start to playback the song then the song is over the next song properly pre-loaded on the master but not loaded on the slave?

    Tim Dudfield

    Yes you understand correctly.
    The Slave will play though. When I hit play on the master the Slave’s Play and Record backlights go out.

    Today I have a new problem, this one is more serious.
    The Slave started saying it has an error “Decoders Not Ready”
    It does not follow the Master even though it is in Slave Mode.
    This is a real problem.
    I have tried different USB Drives and same problem, it is intermittent though.
    Doesn’t happen all the time.
    Have you heard of this error?

    Thanks for your help.


    Thank you for your feedback.
    It seems that problem needs a second level support. I’ll send you instructions in email.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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