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    David Perchermeier

    Greetings from Bavaria,

    half year ago i bought a LP16 for standalone backings tracks in my hobby band.
    15 Songs, 4 multitracks, weekly rehearsel, 4-5 gigs without any trouble.
    After last gig, i got an “Disk error” on every USB device i tried. Then the buttons do not work and it only can use my LP16 as osx device on USB to host..
    (Current firmware upgrade did not help)

    Iam pretty sure it is damaged?

    Thank you all!

    Best wishes.


    Hi David,

    If you experienced this issue with the drives which worked before in this case it seems that’s an hardware issue with the device.
    Are does standard USB sticks? Have you tried with USB HDD?
    Please contact with the place where you bought the device (i assume the device still under warranty if you bought half year ago) and ask a replacement device.
    Sorry for the inconveniences.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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