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    gerald massois


    I am a new LP-16 owner. I use Utool2 and I face problem when creating a multitrack song. Everything seems well configured (USB key formatted with the Lp-16, latest drivers and firmware installed), plugged in my Windows 7 laptop (it is not set as a fixed hard drive)… I manage to import 44.1Khz-16bit PCM files made in Soundforge 10. I tried with mono and stereo files. In Utool2, in the multitrack window, everything seems to work ( I can even create preset with the mixer), selecting the audio track, and so on…

    But the problem is that the “Save” button doesn’t seem to work, whatever I do. So it is impossible for me to create any multitrack song 🙁

    I tried with another computer, and also tried with mono files with Utool V1.4, and it is the same. What do I do wring ?


    Thank you 🙁


    Hi djemass,

    You need to drag and drop the source files (Left tab) to the related track outputs (Right tab).
    Add a name for the song, then the save button will be active.

    If still not success, please send me a screenshot, where the save button grayed out.

    gerald massois


    Thank you, I will try it when I will be back home 🙂

    gerald massois

    It works thank you !!

    It could be nice to have a small window mentioning drag and drop to increase the intuitiveness of the interface 😉

    One question though, does the midi file have to be shorter than the wav files. I faced troubles to export the multitrack song due to this.


    Thank you for your feedback.

    We will add this popup message to the next release, good idea thanks.

    If you create the song with uTool 2 you can use longer midi file as well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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