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    Yesterday we played a gig and I changed the setlist during the show. Using uremote, I didn’t hit “Exist Playlist” but directly used the browser to switch to a different playlist. I could choose a new song from the new playlist, where we planned to continue our show and the song was correctly displayed in the uremote app and on the frontpanel display of our utrack. When i hit the footswitch in order to start the playback, a totally different song was played (next song from the old playlist).
    If it is not intended to change to another playlist during playlist playback, there should be no option to do so.
    This is a major bug for me and not acceptable for professional equipment. Please fix in the next release.


    Hi Ceisner,

    Again I tried all possible combinations but could not reproduce this problem either. It could be the version of the firmware or uRemote. Could you try updating.


    Hi digichetan,
    sorry for the delayed replay, i had no access to the device for a few days.
    uTrack FW: 3474
    uremote: 1.2.050
    So everything up to date…
    To reproduce the problem:
    1. Create two playlists ( A and B ) and add a few songs ( we have only multitrack songs, each song stops and waits for keypress ).
    2. Start playing playlist A and wait until the first song ends.
    3. In Uremote on iPad: Home symbol -> Browser -> Select playlist B -> Play
    What I expect: First Song of Playlist B should start ( as displayed in uremote AND on the display!!!!! )
    What happens: Second Song of Playlist A starts



    This issue already fixed in the 4064 firmware release. Please make sure your device updated.


    Shame on me… you are right. The strange thing is, I’m really sure, that I updated the device in two steps. First via USB drive and after that via network. Perhaps there was an error during the last update and i missed it. And also didn’t get the wrong firmware will at least double checking the version. Sorry, for being a DAU…
    Thank you for your help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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