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    René Spörri

    Hi All
    Maybe I am overlooking something. Is it the fact, that you have no option with the uTrack-X32, to verify whether you are recording anything at all?
    The uRemote recognizes the Device, but there are no meters or anything else showing any input signal.
    If I import then the files with uTool, the recordings are there.
    However, I find it very scary to record a show, with no control to see whether anything goes to the uTrack-32 device.
    Any hints would be very apprecciated.

    Kip Conner

    Seconded. Although after about a dozen shows I haven’t had any issues. We have two Midas M32R’s and record at each position on the shows that that are marked as “please record” by the band.


    Indeed there is no metering function in uRemote for uTrack-X32. The logic behind being that uTrack-X32 will ALWAYS records ALL channels that come into the console and whereas the transfer from the console to the uTrack-X32 is 1:1 digital data copying, your console is your prime source of metering. Actually providing metering ,metering that is much more accurate and time-aligned then uRemote could.

    But we do get your point of confirmation of recording.
    So knowing that the uTrack-X32 will record all channels from your console, would it be an idea to have a clear ‘RECORDING’ indication (like a flashing red dots or recording button) in uRemote? Would that already solve the issue?
    If so, we could check its feasibility and add it as a future feature request for the next uRemote update.

    Let us know what you think!

    Urs, Cymatic Audio

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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