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    Andy Chisholm

    Hi there,

    I use the midi out of uTrack24 to control my AXE-FX. Typically program change messages, as well as specific scene changes, but multiple times through songs in time with backing track. I’ve been creating the files in my Logic Pro X sessions for a long time, usually successfully. I just have a midi track in the arrange window and create the PC messages on the timeline, then export the region as a midi file for use with uTrack.

    I’ve been noticing timing issues for a while and have now identified that this is an issue with Logic adding time to the midi files. It happens at the end and sometimes the start of files – leading to patch changes being out of time or to song files lasting longer than the length of the audio because the MIDI files are too long.

    I’ve been looking into Ableton Live as an alternative, but from what I can tell most of the midi functionality is aimed at live use, rather than exporting a file of a performance. It doesn’t seem to let you export a midi clip that has more than one patch change message attached to it, so that’s no good for my purposes.

    Does anyone else use the cymatic in a similar way and have a better solution for this? Or is there a program that can edit my Logic-exported MIDI files to trim the fat and make them the correct length?

    Thanks in advance,

    Jeroen Schlaman

    Hi Andy,

    I experienced this issue with faulty MIDI lengths as well. I’ve created a converter which removes empty regions and corrects the end time.
    Please get in touch with me at info (at) to help you out and provide you with a download link.


    Andy Chisholm

    Thanks Jeroen,

    Took me a while to see your response here but I have just emailed you about this now.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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