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    Alex Koreneff

    I don’t know if this is related, but my recordings have a terrible noise to them on all tracks.

    Last Sunday I recorded about 3 hours with no troubles.

    Friday night I recorded a good 5 hours with no troubles whatsoever.

    Saturday and Sunday I recorded about 10 hours each. All 32 tracks of every recording sound like this:


    The only thing I can think of is that I’d loaded last Sunday’s snapshot on Saturday. Everything else is the same – same power, same hard drive, same control network. The equipment was packed up and moved each night, so the equipment was hard booted each morning.

    The card, the X32 Rack, and the SD16 are all at the latest firmware, and I was triggering recordings via the app. The live sound was pristine, and the board was running at 48KHz.

    Now that I’m home with the equipment, I’m unable to reproduce the problem at either 48 or 44.1, and the tracks recorded are perfectly clean.

    Is this a facet of the same issue, or something different?


    @akoreneff that seems like a distinct problem, at least soundwise: it doesn’t sound like the issue we are discussing. This one sounds more like this:

    Ian Dyer

    I too have had huge problem with recording via X32Rack at 48Khz. 32 tracks that all sounded like line level sources recordedinto mic inputs i.e. sounding horribly overmodded.
    Trying to reproduce the problem resulted in some recordings OK, some with clicks, some with crackling. But as with everyone else here, 44.1kHz recording is fine. Also no problems at all in two years of using uTrack X32 in full X32 desk at 48kHz.
    I reckon these are all slightly different manifestations of the same (clocking?) problem when using the card in X32 Rack at 48kHz.
    Would anyone from Cymatic like to update us please….?


    Hello, I have the same problem on M32. 48kHz cracks, 44.1 kHz is OK. I’ve downgraded the firmware to 3.07 and everything works well.


    So if I record for a long time, crackling will appear again. Downgrade did not help much.

    Terrence Healy

    If you read the manual the answers are there, 44.1Mhz on everything.
    Use 7200 RPM and up spinning Disks. Raid 5 Enclosure with 3 drives can give you 1500 RPM connected to a laptop.
    USB Hard Drives
    A USB hard drive stores data on spinning magnetic disks. This is the recommended type of USB media to use with the uTrack-X32, because it has reliable and constant read/write speeds.

    USB Flash Memory Devices
    A USB Flash Memory Device uses flash memory. Small, cheap flash devices are generally not adequate for use with the uTrack-X32, since they require occasional pauses in data writing. This is problematic for a device that needs to write a constant data stream: a pause in data writing may cause dropouts in your recording.
    Some flash devices will perform correctly. Generally, it is easier to find a usable flash device within the ones marketed as SSDs (Solid-state Drives).


    New firmware release available for download, the new firmware should fix clicking issue when using the card with some new revisions of mixing consoles.

    Dirk Schulz

    Dear all,
    I still have this problem, but only when recording AUX IN 1-6/T on my X32 Rack Console. Firmware on both devices is the latest version (3.09 / 5000). I loaded the recorded file into my WAV editor and had a look at the signal. Partially the signals have been cut on the bottom all on the same level. I only recognize this when recording AUX IN 1-6/T! Are there any workarounds?





    I can confirm that there is an issue if the recording source set AUX IN 1-6/T.
    We are started to investigate that issue.
    If there’s any workaround or solution for this problem we will publish that on the website.
    Thank you for your input.

    Slaan Slaan

    I am the happy owner of a new X32 ( the big one ; 32 XRL In / 16 XLR out ) bought on Thomann this month ( dec 2018 ) with the Cymatik u-Track-X32 card.
    I Experienced the same issues discussed here on this thread.
    I Just recorded a live concert of 80 minutes with 16 track, and every tracks have this bad crack.

    I recorded on 48Khz, with a 120Go Transcend SSD witch work perfectly ( no smart error, and freshly formated with the UTrack button. Read/Write up to 120Mo/sec on usb3 on my Asus ROG Laptop )

    The record use many different microphones with or without 48V phantom alim.

    You can ear a sample here :
    And see the waveform of the full records on protools 12 here :

    I experienced the same issue with a direct USB record on protools, with the last driver downloaded last week on your web site. With 48Khz.
    I have to reboot the X322 one or two time to get a record without crack. But I’m not reassured, the recording doesn’t seem very clean, even if it doesn’t crack.

    The Firmware of the X32 is 3.08.
    Don’t know how to see the UTrack firmware.

    Did you know how to resolve this issue ?

    If you need some additionals informations, tell me !

    Slaan Slaan

    Sorry, forgot the link :
    Here the waveform :
    And the sample bounce :

    Many thanks for your help.



    We have correct this issue with the current firmware release.
    Please take a look here how to update the device:

    Christian Knoche


    thanks for solving this problem!

    Unfortunately there is no newer firmware than 5000 from 8th october in the downloadsection of utrack X32 available 🙁


    Slaan Slaan

    Hi !

    After the firmware update, everything seems fine.
    No more crack on the USB SSD disk. The clock seem good.
    Thanks for all !

    Dirk Schulz

    Hey guys, please upload the new firmware. There is still offered the October (5000) version in your download section. Even the release notes do not contain the fix of noise on AUX IN recordings. Thanks in advance, Dirk

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