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    After purchasing my LP-16 some time ago, I created some playlist files with the playlist editor, which worked fine, until I upgraded the device to version 83926 a few days ago. After choosing a playlist now, the LP-16 displays the error messages “Song Playback Failed” when try to play a song from a loaded playlist, or “PreLoading Song Failed” when try to skip the next song (support ticket is submitted). Anyway, I can’t playpack may stuff anymore now 🙁

    Now I downloaded the uTool software to create new playlists for my LP-16. But after installing the software and evaluating the manual, it seems to me, that I can only manage pre generated “projects”. Is that right? After starting the uTool software, I cannot find any option, to import audio WAV-files. The software seems to search for pre-generated project files.

    Anyway, I urgently need a solution, to create a working playlist with raw mono audio WAV-files, because the next gig is in view. Can anyone please help me?

    Many thanks in advance



    With the uTool, you can import/export songs and you can create playlists as well.

    Creating multitrack playlist for LP-16 first you need to create multitrack song(s). You need to select LP-16 as target device in the uTool settings tab, then go to the export tab, and click on the create new song button. In the left window you can select the folder where your mono wav files located, then drag and drop each file from the left window to the right window (LP-16 output channels), save the song.
    When you done with the multitrack songs, open the playlist tab seletct the create new playlist then drag and drop your multitrack songs from the left to the right for creating the playlist.
    On the export tab you can transfer your songs and playlist from your PC to your USB drive.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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