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    Jens Handell

    Hi Guys, I recently received my Utrack24 and my plan is to use it as a low budget theatre audio player. The idea was that whenever the scene is finished, I would click skip to next song with hopes that the device would change to that with a crossfade. The retailer said that the utrack24 had this functionality but now I can’t find it. Was he right/wrong or did he fool me?

    Paul Chivers

    I havent found a way to list a crossfade in the U-tool playlists. You can butt them up against each other with no gap though. Apart from that, I find I can’t hit forward to the next tune whilst one is still playing. I think this is a safety feature, avoiding risk of accidental button pushes. You actually have to have the next cue listed, then hit stop when you’re ready, press FWD, and then hit play. That’s the best I’ve found.

    However, you could combine that with a multi channel mixer, so that your cues alternate outputs, then you can fade each one down as you need to lose it, hit stop, forward to the next and play on the alternate faders that are already up. You could set the whole thing up with just two faders.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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