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    Lutz Kuerten


    I have three files on my USB stick.
    01_Songtitle (Mono left)
    02_Songtitle (Mono right)

    If I listen to the files on my Notebook everything is fine. If I plug the stick inside the LP16, channel one and two are fine. But in channel 3 I hear a different Click sound and the tempo isnt right. I have no idea to solve this problem.

    I updated the LP16 to last available Firmware.

    Any ideas from your side?

    Tom Sailor

    Can you please send a zip file and your explanation to support@cymaticaudio.com? Thanks!!


    The LP16 does not completely support stereo files in multitrack mode. Each of the wave files inside a multitrack song folder SHOULD be a mono file. The 3rd file seems to be stereo which is causing the problem. If you convert the 3rd file into mono, it should solve your problem.

    Lutz Kuerten

    OK, I could understand this.
    But if the playback file and the clickfile both are stereo, I dont have any problems.


    Mono’s and stereos together inside a folder would cause problem as you have already seen.
    With only stereo files, the file will be played back on 2 channels. So the numbering has to be done carefully by the user, which is error prone.

    We have not extensively tested all the scenarios with stereo files in multitrack and thus cannot vouch for it.
    If this is a useful feature, maybe we can have a look at it for the next firmware update.

    Steven Cowley

    It would be very useful if stereo tracks could be used in MT mode. It would make things much simpler when using 1+2 as a stereo pair, 3+4 as a stereo pair etc etc – less filenames to edit.


    i also woud be happy if it could be made possible to use stereo files in MT mode. I often use LP-16 for organ with leslie-effect, or as orchestra background.
    These are alwas stereo files and I always have to split them into 2 mono tracks. And the result sometimes sounds a little different from original or even strange.
    So please make stereo-files in MT-mode possible.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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