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    Yes, I figured kind of the same bsanderson.
    Though there is something to be said for having the flexibility to being able to use the uTrack with other consoles as well, whereas an option card for X32 would tie the recording capability down to the one console.
    Therefore I guess it comes down to the price point our Cymatic friends would put on their X32 specific solution.
    32ch recording will probably need more expensive components, though there would be significant savings for not having to need a cabinet, displays for a slot-in card. I was therefore kind of hoping that a 32ch recording solution for X32 would cost around the same as a uTrack now.
    (but not being a commercial guy, I wouldn’t know if that would make any sense…..)

    Though the silence on this subject is kind of deafening from the cymatic camp. No comment whatsoever? :whistle:

    Brian Sanderson

    FOH, you could purchase the DB25 snakes in XLR or 1/4. They run about $40, and give you 8 Channels. But that would allow you to connect it to any analog or digital boards via direct outs, etc. I do know some digital consoles do not have direct outs for each input, which could be a challenge.


    You are right Bsanderson, but as much as people talk about the digitital consoles and as much as they indeed are increasing in numbers, I also still see quite a few (fine!) analog beasts around. hmm…. in the end, no easy answer i guess .
    But let’s see what happens in the coming months.


    [quote=”lilpyro” post=526]When will the MIDI function be out?????[/quote]


    There shall be a uTrack24 firmware update sometime end of this month, early July time frame. Midi functionality shall be one of the features included with this firmware update. Sorry for the long delay regarding this.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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