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    LP-16 and uTool. 1.1.46
    Am I just missing something ? Or are the following features just not available in the current version of uTool 1.1.46 ?

    1. Export only new songs into a Playlist on the usb stick without having to export all songs ( audiofiles) again
    The “Keep all” function from the old Playlist editor is not available in uTool 1.1.46. Same goes for exporting new playlists containing songs already on the drive.

    1. Edit playlists DIRECTLY on the usb drive.
    Instead of having to have all material on a specific computer and then export to USB drive. In other words being able to edit data on the usb drive from any computer that is just containing the uTool software.

    2. Export playlist and it’s songs out from usb drive into your computer via uTool.
    And thus be able to keep some sort of functioning file path that keeps the playlist and songs together. ( If I just copy from usb drive into other drive the playlist won’t work in uTool due to file path references)
    Note, I see that Playlists are ordinary XML files (wich is great! No strange formats) I can actually edit
    Playlists with a simple xml editor. Do simple things add or delete a song. But then, on the other hand,
    What I have on my computer and what’s on the usb drive differs. Because today, it’s like one specific computer has to be the “master” of all LP-16 data.


    Hi Biomekkanik,

    You just described the functions what we already planning to release in the next version of uTool.
    Those functions are included in the coming release.
    Please stay tuned.


    Ah great. Then I don’t have to look for things that is not there – yet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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