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    Michael Wilson

    I’d love for there to be some documentation for the uTrack24 API. This would be very handy for doing something like creating a device that can connect/cycle through the uTrack24 playlist via a network connection, or interrogate the current song from the uTrack24 to display on a pedalboard. IMO I like this idea in concert with my other suggestion to cycle through the playlist via footswitch presses, as I find displaying the current song on the pedalboard less important than triggering the tracks themselves, and in a live situation with 2.4 GHz signals flying everywhere, I’d rather depend on the footswitch mechanism for track triggering.



    Unfortunately the uTrack24 was not conceptualized to be controlled by a programmable device. At the moment the only options are uRemote and the foot switch. Exposing the API’s through the network is some work at the moment. Hence we would definitely consider it for a next product, but I am not very hopeful it will happen for uTrack24.

    Thanks for the input.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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