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    Mike Hageman

    Severe problems

    Dear CS,

    We have been using two uTrack 24 machines for half a year now in our tour.
    Generally the run fine, just some issues and crashed, but now hell broke loose:

    After starting up the uTool app the program reported something in a splash screen about an update.
    After OK-ing the screen I found it had been updated to 2.0.34 from 2.0.32 and – more severe – there were no songs, no playlists and no audio listed. Everything was empty.
    A big shocker cause we needed to edit some playlists for our show.

    All files were still at the same place on our drives. All settings were OK.
    What happened???

    After trying to restore our playlists and audio by importing from the currently in use USB3 flash drives, the program crashes after a few minutes of importing or within a moment at the second attempt. After installing the program on another Mac it also crashes at importing. Same after reinstalling the old 2.0.32 version.
    What is wrong?

    I cannot edit the playlist now and will be forced to remake all playlists and all songs again. This is a major setback and very time consuming in this stage of our tour.

    Is there another way to import or get the playlists and songs back again?


    Kind regards,
    Mike Hageman,
    The Analogues.


    Hi Mike

    Thank you for your message

    The uTool has no update feature implemented all the time need to manually update the application.

    Anyhow the uTool store the pojects and audio files in the project library / audio library folder which defined in the uTool settings.

    Please check that location on your MAC. The default location inside of the music folder you must to see a Cymatic folder inside of this folder there’s a project lib and audio lib folder. If necessary please define that folders manually in the uTool settings.

    If you don’t find those folders please let me know then I’ll try to advice you to set up the folders again.

    I looking forward for your feedback.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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