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    Gerit Lamm

    Hello Cymatic Audio Team,

    When I am importing my .wav files into the Playlist Editor v 2.1 the faders of the audio mixer go automatically on -12 dB. Is this an error in the software?
    With version 1 I didn´t have this problem and the files are stil the same.

    Thanks a lot for your answers.


    This is not an error – we decided to set the default value of the faders when importing to -12dB to prevent overflow.


    Gerit Lamm

    Oh well. That´s a nice surprise when you mix old and new tracks on the USB. Had this problem during a show and it kind of killed my In Ear sound. Meaning I couldn´t hear the klicktrack anymore because it was -12 lower. 😉 Can´t find anything about this in the editors manual and also not in the realease notes. So nice to know now.

    As a Suggestion it would be cool to implement a setting that allows you to set the dB before importing the songs. Or maybe something like a stack processing where it is possible to mark all songs you´d like to change the dB settings and just change all of them at once.
    Saves a lot of time.
    Anyway the LP-16 is an awesome piece of gear. I think there is way more space up for new features.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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