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    Pankh pankhudi

    Hey there,

    has anyone already gotten some experience with the Behringer X-Live card versus the Cymatic Audio uTrack card? I’m trying to chose between the two. Application would be in a X32 Compact with Mackie DL32 via AES50. Would love to eliminate the hassle of an additional System to watch (i.e. laptop running tracks live / reaper).

    Cymatic is a bit cheaper (150€ vs 200€), but would mean additional cables for a USB hard drive. Behringer option seems to have redundant recording, which is really important with SD cards (not feeling tooo good about that).

    Can the Cymatic uTrack write tracks to a USB thumb drive (granted it can sustain the write speeds of course)?

    I seem to remember that the uTrack needs some special software to transcode the audio files afterwards before you can use them? Is that still the case?

    Does the uTrack provide control via the X32 direct? It has a record button and a network interface, but I would love it if I can just open up a page on the X32, which seems to be the way the X-live works.

    Any real life experiences greatly appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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