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    Sel Balamir

    Hi there

    Apologies if this is not a new topic, but I couldnt find the answer in the other threads on uTrack24

    I can import all my audio and hear it fine in mixer but when i try to export my multirack songs and playlists the EXPORT button is greyed out so I cant move it onto the uTrack24

    My USB drive is formatted in the brand new uTrack24 which has the most recent firmware version

    and the uTool version is V2.0.62 running on OSX 10.8.5

    Please help.

    Many Thanks

    Sel Balamir

    Sorry just to further clarify

    I am importing my audio from my DAW into uTool – no problem

    I am trying to EXPORT from uTool to uTrack24 – problem


    Mike Roberts

    Same here – and I need this to work in 12 hours time!!!!

    Jeroen Schlaman

    Did you put the USB stick in the computer of left it in the uTrack?

    In order to export you need to put the USB stick straight into the computer. Then you’re able to select the USB drive on the right-hand side of the export window, select the items to export on the left-hand side and hit the ‘Export’ button (don’t use export batch unless you have multiple uTracks in master-slave). uTool will sort out if an overwrite or quick export is needed.
    After export is finished, stick it back in the uTrack and it loads up.

    Should work perfectly!



    If the export button is grayed out it can be a missing source files (this must be marked with orange exclamation mark at the left side)
    Or if there’s not enough free space on the destination drive.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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