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    Michael Tiko

    Hi guys,
    I’m trying to figure out how to make a midi file exported from protools 12.6 (0 type) to work with uTrack24 and a Kemper Profiler Amp…
    I did the following steps but still nothing:
    1. Exported the midi file with program and control changes as a type 0 file to the drive I use on uTrack24
    2. I imported the file with uTool (latest version) in the uTrack24 drive in the Multitrack song
    3. I connected the midi out of uTrack24 to the MIDI IN of Kemper
    4. I set the Kemper to receive MIDI in Omni Channel

    Still nothing happens… No MIDI IN signal on Kemper!

    Any ideas? Thanks


    Connor Hawkins

    I’m having the same exact issue, still have’t found any info on the correct protocol for exporting midi from Pro Tools. Ive reached out to tech support but unfortunately never hear anything. Would love to trigger all my Mainstage keyboard patches and Kempers off the uTrack but no luck. Hopefully someone has had success with this somewhere. Sorry thats not helpful but your not alone



    According to the midi file what I received from the two another guy with similar issue that was a problem with the midi file. (It was empty)
    Could you please send me that midi file?

    David Bistolas

    In Protools – I:

    1) Get my backing tracks working perfectly – including midi (usually just patch changes and a midi click for future use).
    2) Once they’re good to go- I click on file->export->midi file

    3) I select Type 1 (Multitrack) and save the file.

    Once I’m done that, I close the session and RELOAD THE MIDI FILE to check it. (That’s how I’m sure it works). If it’s all good, off to uTool I go.


    In Protools, have you assigned a MIDI channel to the MIDI Track? If you haven’t it won’t work as your Kemper can’t receive MIDI if it is not on the correct channel.

    You have exported the MIDI correctly so there must be an issue with your MIDI in ProTools.

    Please add markers to your ProTools session. Add a marked called ‘START’ at the start of the songs and a marker called ‘END’ at the end of the song.

    ProTools can get confused when exporting MIDI if you don’t have these markers in place. Your MIDI clips should also always be the same length as your backing track audio.

    Please let me know if this helped.

    Ronan SIMON

    Hello everyone.
    I had a lot of trouble exporting a protools midi file for my LP16. But now it works !!!!!!
    So I share my experience with you. I think it’s the same for the utrack24

    It is necessary:
    -Assigned to each track a channel.
    -make at least one track tracker.
    -delete the sending of MTC (midi time code)
    -and the most important:
    delete all the tracks that are not useful for the export of the midi file (all the empty midi tracks, all the audio track, all the bus tracks, all the master track, the click ….)
    It is a bit constraining, so ideally create a session only for the midi export, but with all this, it works very well!
    All the channels, the CC automations, the program changes work !!!

    I hope this will help you…



    i have utrack 24 i use Logic but i can not play my MIDI i have older drum computer therefore i bought a MIDI solutions but, still no MIDI. someone gives this experience.



    Please first make sure the uTrack24 sends out midi commands. To do this, start the playback on the device then push and hold down the stop button on the device this will sends out a MIDI panic reset all notes off command.

    If that’s works then you can take a look at your midi files from logic

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