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    Axel Luedecke

    I use uTool 1.1.46 on Mac
    I have had previously tracks generated using NOT the Default File Location as in the Settings tab listed. I took the files where they were when I generated them. I was manually browsing to this location where the songs and their corresponding .wavs were and generated Multitracks from that location. Worked OK
    NOW I have copied (for security reasons not moved) all these folders (=songs) and their files (.wavs) to the preferred Cymatic location ~/User/admin/Music/Cymatic/AudioLib.
    In the Export Tab under Multitracks I do still see now all the songs, as they still refer to the old location. Now I edit a Song (I see the old directory path in the Audio Files window with the folder icon on the left), go to the folder icon on the left and change from the OLD location to the NEW (standard Cymatic) location. The tracks are being “refreshed” (see reloading it) and I see the new path in the Audio Files window. I do also see all the .wav files again – great. Now I save this (whether under the same name or new name doesn’t matter). But the very next time when I open (edit) this song again, it still refers again to the OLD location (seeing the folder path in the Audio File window)
    How can I permanently change the location of the Audio File Library?
    What do I have to do that it changes to the new path?


    Hi Axell

    It seems you are doing everything right, so this should be some problem in the uTool in this specific scenario where the song location changed manually, then the uTool is not storing the changes for some reason.
    Anyhow, we already working on the new uTool with the new version managing the song project in different way, and you don’t need to copy manually, because you’ll able to make a copy from the song project with the source files.
    I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
    I would like to ask for your forbearance until we release the new version.

    Axel Luedecke

    Hi Laszlo,

    still waiting for the update to fix the file location issue. Any word when we can expect to get an update of uTool (besides other bug fixings) ? 🙂


    Hi axell,

    The uTool 2 now in final test phase.
    Please stay tuned, do a release really soon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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