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    I’m trying to update the firmware of my LP-16, current version is V-8503 on an iMac with OSX V 10.10.5.

    The LP-16 is detected by OSX as an audio interface and it says USB interface mode on the device.

    The does NOT recognize the device, so I’m not able to update the firmware.

    I tried the following:
    – shut down all audio software
    – unplugged all usb devices
    – started the firmware updater, plugged in LP-16 and switched it on
    – tried it the other way around too, plug in, switch on, start the firmware updater.
    – nothing happens…

    Thanx for any advice…


    Hi paraffinemusic,

    We received some email from few user who experienced the same problem.
    We already started to looking this issue.
    At the moment not clear the os version or any other installed sofware cause this issue, I recommend to try it out on another MAC or on a windows PC.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


    Hi Lazlo

    Tried another MAC, MacBook Pro… didn’t work either. So now I’m stuck…

    Paul Tunyogi Csapo

    I have exactly the same Problem.
    I thought its a professional gear.
    On Monday i bring it back.
    Waste of money and time.
    Good idea but not usable.
    I really could use it.

    Paul Tunyogi Csapo

    Ok…i tried with the PC, and the PC does not recognized anything.
    I installed the driver too……nothing worked !!

    Bye Bye LP 16.


    Hi PaulTC,

    Sorry to hear you experiencing problem with LP-16.
    We had some problem with the OSX updater this was mainly compatibility issue, on different OSX versions.
    Today we already released the current firmware version with new OSX updater, this can helps for the users like you and paraffinemusic, who had problem with firmware update on OSX.
    Your second message in this forum just not clear for me, how do you install the driver without the PC detect the device properly? The driver installation require a properly connected and detected LP-16…
    We are sorry for the inconveniences.

    Anyhow the new OSX updater already uploaded, this should solve the firmware update problem on osx

    Downloads Page


    Hi there

    Is this really a new Version? It behaves exactly the same, still does not recognize LP-16…

    Really frustrating…


    Hi paraffinemusic

    So you still not able to update the LP-16 with the latest OSX updater?
    This is really strange.
    Your device deteced in interface mode? The display on the device change to “MAC interface mode”? Do you see your LP-16 in the Audio Midi settings?


    Correct… i can select it as an audio input/output and it says “MAC interface mode”?…

    But the updater does not do anything.


    Can you please describe the problem more detailed?
    -OSX version
    -Current firmware version
    -What does it mean “the updater does not do anything”? it says no device connected? The update button are active or grayed out?

    Can you please try: turn off the LP-16, reboot your MAC, start the updater, turn on the LP-16


    OSX 10.10.5
    Firmware V-8503

    If i connect the player first an then start the updater, the updaters windows are simply empty and the update button is grayed out.
    If i start the updater first and then connect the device it states “no device connected”.

    rebooting changes nothing….


    What do you see on the updater window header? Cymatic Downloader or DFU updater?
    Please try to leave the updater open then connect the LP-16 to different USB slot, and please try with different USB cable.


    It says “Cymatic Downloader”

    Tried different USB Slot, Tried different Mac, different cable… no change.


    I sent you email to ask more details about your MAC hw and software environment.

    I looking forward for your feedback.

    Sorry for the inconveniences


    Hi, I am on Mac Os X 10.10.5 and the problem is stil there with the firmware updater.


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