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    Is portait mode on yet?
    We have many customers having real issues when working with old versions of uremote on smartphones/ipads since they are forced to use old firmware with portrait display.
    The app drops the network very much and sinse they can upgrade to newer verions they cant fix the problem. Soon we cant sell any more utrack24 before this is fixed. The word gets around that its useless for backingtrack player.
    I give you a example. Try to see the songs in the playlist om landscape mode in for example iphone?
    Imagine doing this on stage…
    Usually they use a ipad for lyrics and a smartphone for uremoteplaylist on notestand on stage.



    Thank you for your feedback.
    Are you having this network connection issue with the old or the new version?
    The fact to have reliable connection you’ll need to have up to date firmware and up to date uRemote as well.
    About the portrait mode at the moment I cannot tell you good news.
    I am understand that the landscape mode on small screen devices are not too comfortable, but I think for the users who really needs an proper remote control for the device shouldn’t be a problem to use a tablet size of device instead of small screen mobile phone.
    All of your potential users want to use their iPad for lyrics and iPhone for uRemote?


    I also have a preference for using an iPad for lyrics (like OnSong) and an iPhone on the side. A portrait mode would make it much easier to find songs and select them quickly.
    It would also be an idea to use the “split screen” method on iPad, to use uRemote side by side.

    Matthias Seelinger

    I have the same Problem. My uremote lost the connection very very often to the utrack 24 and i cant work really professional because of so much drop outs of wifi


    Hi Matthias,

    I’m sorry to hear that issue.

    Could you please tell me your networking environment? Device Brand/type please

    How many other devices are on the same network?

    Could you please try to change the WiFi channel to something else?

    I am looking forward for your feedback

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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