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    Just wondering if anyone had an issue formatting a Glyph GPT50? I’ve been unable to get the cymatic audio LR16 to format the above. It recognizes the drive is incorrect and prompts for a format…I acknowledge and press the play button…but zero action…only the ” testing drive” message…forever.


    Hi Sherlock,

    From our support email exchange I take it everything is working now after you used a 3rd party tool to format the drive FAT32. Actually formating the drive FAT32 with the built in format function should not have been a problem…
    Did you update the device to the latest firmware before using it?

    Cymatic Audio Support


    Thanx for that response, it is really useful

    John Daugherty

    Yellow light blinks when plugged in then I push format button, Then lights go yellow red green in a loop. Nothing in the manual for this loop of colors. Firmaware updated yesterday.


    Did you push the format button twice?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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