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    Luis Clara Gomes


    I’ve been using an LP-16 as a backing track machine for our live shows.
    I’m looking to buy the uTrack24 as a replacement because of the instant start, looping and cue point / marker functionalities.
    However, my biggest gripe with it is the gapless playback functionality, since I read somewhere that instant playback / track preloadingit is not supported when MIDI files are associated with songs. We use MIDI to trigger both Video and Lighting DMX so it’s a must-have part of our set up.
    Is this true? If so, is it something that could be addressed in future updates?

    Thank you in advance,

    Luis Clara Gomes

    My bad, immediately after posting I saw the firmware update announcement. Sorry 🙂

    New version 3124 for uTrack24 is now available:

    Some of the features include:
    – Gapless playback with MIDI songs

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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