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    m daly

    I have been testing out my lr16 as a stand alone mixer not trs use.
    I find the input and output too low with headphone.
    Even if I turn the input volumes up on hardware and headphone volume up its still too low.

    Could you change the mixer section to increase volume zero is too low.
    I also opened up my lr16 and it has a small headphone board with jrc opamp.

    Would it be possible to modify the headphone pcb ( are schematics available for the headphone pcb )

    Thanks Mike.

    Tom Sailor


    What are you connecting the LR-16 with? Th LR needs to see a TRS input otherwise it can attenuate the signal.

    You may want to purchase this cable.

    I’m not sure if that will give you the volume gain you are looking for though and I can’t comment on any altering of the board…maybe Laszlo can answer that.

    m daly

    Just tested again with an emu device which does trs subs.
    The output is louder.
    So how exactly can I connect ts to trs without a mixer.
    I know it’s designed for mixer inserts but what’s the point in portability if I need to carry around a mixer as well.
    Won’t it always attenuate If you connect a ts to trs even with special cable.
    The cable you sell is just trs to trs I need ts to trs !!

    Tom Sailor

    The special cable is actually an unbalanced cable and will fix the issue I believe.

    Tom Sailor
    m daly

    Just found a solution :

    Got an old behringer ultra patch pro sitting around did a circuit check and it appears the input jacks are trs.
    Switched it to open mode so input to output etc.
    Plugged in ts in rear to front, trs to LR16 in front. ( used trs to trs cable in front ).
    Sound level now works.
    So the patchbay doesn’t cause attenuation.
    Could add a resistor inside patchbay to mod circuit.
    Save on new cables.!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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