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    John MaherJohn Maher

    I am seriously considering getting a uTrack 24, but I see questions posted here that are a year old, and there are no replies. That makes me apprehensive about the company.

    Are questions here answered by staff? Is this only for fellow-users to reply? I just want to know before making an investment in a smaller company. (I currently own and use the LP-16, and am happy with it, but I want to expand.)

    Someone else posted a question I’m really interested in, and that is whether two (2) uTrack 24’s could be used together. My application would undoubtedly be a bit different, though. I’m not so interested in recording. What I want to know is whether two can be used together as two “sound cards” on my computer. I play a virtual instrument that depends on multi-point audio sources, the more the merrier. Twenty-four channels is OK, but 48 would be better.

    Thank you for your time in responding.

    Church Keys

    PS. I use a system based on Windows 10. I have plenty of memory and processing power, so that won’t be my issue.

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