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    Pete Rao

    Just recently I am UNABLE to get ANY input from the 1/4 jacks.
    The recorder shows that it is recording… BUT I get NO levels on ANY track.
    I have checked all cables and input.
    The drive has tracks recoded, but all tracks are BLANK.
    The recorder is just under 6 months old, and not used often. I’ve never had an issue.
    I’ve put out requests to ‘support’ but I have received no replies.

    Please Advise if I NEED to return the unit (and how to do that) :unsure: or is there a fix for this problem.


    Hi Connan,
    Have you been able to contact your distributor?

    Cymatic Audio Support

    Pete Rao

    Thanks Sven for the follow up…
    Spoke with the distributor today,
    I have just sent a follow up email to you…

    I am still in need of help with this
    Please, advise….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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